Thank you message from Atlanta Robertson

Thank you message from Atlanta Robertson

During my duration as a Top Model South Africa Finalist I have had some great experiences. The TMSA team were always professional in their line of work, and constantly kept us up to date with what the next steps as a model/finalist were. The staff are always friendly and willing to help!

In my own opinion, TMSA is one of the greatest fashion events to happen in South Africa – designers get to showcase their talents, whilst amateur models receive the chance at being scouted by a top agency. Clearly a lot of hard work , effort &  preparation are put into this show ; catching the eyes of many. I knew that by being a finalist I would meet a ton of beautiful people. I didn’t think that they would all be so beautiful on the inside as well.

Suzette Marais is a well known for her mark in the fashion/modelling industry.  If I had to describe Suzette in one word, that word would be SUBSTANTIAL ; as she has a solid character and always stands firm. ( According to what I have picked up )

I can still remember her saying ” Don’t worry, this is still a great & exciting experience, Whether you win or loose. ” Which motivated us in some way. Suzette is wise and gives good advice. She is always punctual and well – dressed. Definitely someone who has her boxes in check!

Kind Regards,

Atlanta Robertson

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