Thank you message from Bridgette Wansbury

Thank you message from Bridgette Wansbury


Message from Bridgette Wansbury, one of the 2016 Beautiful Fresh Face finalists:

When they announced the 2 Free State Top Model winners I was stunned but what a journey it was from their on. I was blessed to have this amazing experience. Preparing for Top Model SA BFF, took alot of time and hard work went into it but it was honestly the time of my life.

Top Model SA is an opportunity not to be missed-but why? Well it taught me many things about the modelling industry. I met great friends that I am so thankful for. It was such a fun experience and walking the runway is the best of them all.

Suzette Marais, is such a successful women and she inspires me with all that she has achieved. She is also a stunning women who works very hard to achieve her goals. She gets people to fulfill their dreams and also pushes them because she believes in us and knows what the models are capable of.

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