Thank you message from Celine Ceronio

Thank you message from Celine Ceronio

Top Model South Africa in general is a really great opportunity for anyone who can participate because it teaches you great values in life as well as self respect and it boosts your self image and how you see yourself

After you complete the journey as a finalist you have a very different image of yourself, you have more confidence and you feel better about yourself.

Suzette Marais is a really great person and role model, she tells you how to improve yourself which sometimes gives you that little boost hen you’re feeling bad or down about yourself, she is always a really great help no matter what! She can give you tips on  how to be a better model and person in life!

My journey and experience was one of a lifetime and if I could I would do it all over again. The rush was amazing on the night, to get everything done and complete everything before show time was really great. The stress made everything build up, waiting to find out if you’re a finalist after being scouted, then finding out you are going to be part of TMSA was a thrill for me, then doing the video over and over again because making silly mistakes because you are on your nerves.

Then getting to go to a model workshop where you are helped to be a better model for the final event. Then the stress of the day before, the rehearsals were really fun because you get to do it with the friends you made over the past few months.

The actual night was really a night to remember, I wont forget it because that was one of the most important highlights in my life, walking in front of that huge crowd gave me butterflies but at the same time it made me nervous but it was still really fun to do something as big as that.

Top Model SA is a really great experience and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to participate.

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