Thank you message from Christie-Lee Mauerberger

Thank you message from Christie-Lee Mauerberger

When I take a look back to my Top Model South Africa experience, I feel so lucky and happy to have been part of something so amazing! Firstly I would like to say thank you so so so much to ALL the sponsors for our AMAZING gifts.

Top model South Africa is honestly one of the best competitions I have ever taken part in, as I made good friends, it gave me a clear insight on what the modelling industry is all about, it was extremely professional and well organised, as well as it gave us all the opportunity to be part of an extraordinary show which I will never forget.

Not only did Top Model South Africa teach me so much about the  modelling industry but it also gave me the best experience too. I had a lot of fun! It definitely was a journey of a lifetime… Thank you so much to Suzette Marais for making this amazing journey possible and for putting 100% into the show to give us the best experience.

Thank you for also guiding me along the way of my Top Model journey, You are an inspiration to many, for your hard work and dedication. You definitely inspired me, thank you. And a big thank you to the Top Model team for all their time and efforts!

Best regards

Christie-Lee (Coco) Mauerberger

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